Ladies Night Out, Midwest Style!

Local doesn’t only mean Idaho anymore! You can now find some awesome Snow Bunnies in the Midwest. These ladies are passionate about living life in the outdoors. If you ever decide to visit the Minneosta/Wisconsin boarder, you are going to want to seek out the Midwest Bunnies. They are on a mission to get women outside, active, and involved. Which brings us to the question…

an image of midwest snow bunniesWhat’s it going take to get you to stop working so much? What’s it going take to get you to toss that to-do list out the window and decide it’s time to live life and have fun? I mean really, when’s the last time you laughed until your belly hurt, drank more good wine than necessary, and slept in until you were officially done sleeping?  When’s the last time you took a girls trip heck even did a girls night? And that one night last year, doesn’t count! What if women got consistent at having fun. Ok, for those of you that are way too type A to toss away a your lists, keep the to-do list just put FUN at the top!

Perhaps this was on your 2017 New Year’s Resolution and yet here you are a few months into the year and you are still too busy working to make time for you! So my question is, if not now, when?

There are so many great places around the Twin Cities and surrounding areas that promote ladies nights. Spring/Summer is showing up sooner than any snow lover wants it too, but here are some great places you must check out when in the Midwest!

Let’s start with my favorite wine bar in the quaint little town of Afton, MN. If you love wine tasting, you and your girlfriends have to check out Swirl’s Ultimate Girls Night Out on a regular basis!  It’s just down the hill from Afton Alps Golf and Ski Resort. So this summer why not do a round of 9 holes with some girlfriends and zip down the hill to sit by the outdoor fire and enjoy wine!

If you want a little more adventure for a ladies day trip, I highly recommend you and your girlfriends checkan image of Trollhaugen Aerial Park out Trollhaugen Aerial Adventure Park.  It’s located in beautiful Dresser, WI! Grab breakfast together and go for a drive.  Who says you’re too old to Zip Line through the trees and conquer your fears walking the tight rope? The great thing about girlfriends is the innate ability to create memories.

While we are on the adventurous route, grab your girlfriends to take a Silks Class in Stillwater, MN at The Pole Barn Studio! Not only is this place located by the gorgeous St. Croix River with tons of restaurants and shops on every corner, it’s so much fun! If you don’t hang up side down at least once in your life like a trapeze artist, you are not living!An image of Silks Class

Let me end cap my suggestions for your ladies night out with a new little establishment located in Hudson, WI called Madison Avenue Wine & Spirits. They are not joking when they say they have Luscious Libations. Ladies, these drinks are heavenly and fun from the moment you read the menu. Grab your Martini Flight, Cabana Boy, Sugar Daddy (my favorite), and please don’t forget the Eye Candy drink, because you truly can’t go wrong sipping and talking the night away here!

an image of a martini flightPlease, stop allowing your work/schedule to limit the amount of time you spend enjoying life and visiting with your girlfriends! Life is short; Live Out Loud!